Parent Coaching

What is the Biblical Parent Coaching?

Biblical Parenting Coaching Program is an eight week program where parents learn and apply practical biblical parenting strategies and techniques. I have been trained by the National Center for Biblical Parenting Coaching Program. The personalized Action Plan we develop together will provide you with hope and inspiration as you continue to work with your child.

How will Biblical Parent Coaching benefit my child?

God changes people. He uses parents as a primary means of change in children. Given heart-based tools and a lot of grace, parents can position themselves in the most effective way to maximize change in their children. The change process often reveals hurdles that require specific tools to overcome. The coaching process can bring significant support, encouragement, and ideas that address underlying problems resulting in substantial behavior change.

What are the requirements?

You will need to set aside a bit of time to work on your family. You’ll have a one-hour meeting with the come each week and then you’ll need to try out the ideas.


Does my spouse have to participate?

No, however, if you’d like to involve more than one parent in the change process, you’ll likely learn more and see change take place faster.

What will I have when I’m done?

First of all, you should see significant change in your child and you’ll have hope to continue on in your parenting journey. You’ll have a notebook of handouts, reports, evaluation forms, and resources you download from the web. You’ll also listen to several instructional videos to complement what you’re learning and practicing.

Here’s what you’ll learn each week:

Week 1: Get Things Done in Family Life with Less Tension

Week 2: Stop the Anger Escalation 

Week 3: End Every Correction Experience Positively

Week 4: Transfer Responsibility to the Child

Week 5: Develop a Coaching Relationship With Your Child 

Week 6: Manage Emotions in You and Your Child

Week 7: Build Internal Motivation in Kids 

Week 8: Handle Resistance Carefully 

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